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“After I revised my resume using Linda's methods, I received 4 interview calls from recruiters within a month’s time. For me, that's wonderful as I didn't get anything for more than 6 months before that. I’m happy to say I recently accepted a brand new job offer that I’m extremely excited about! I thought my resume was good enough, but after working with Linda, I realized how long and boring my old resume was. Not to mention, it was neither concise nor “attention-grabbing”. My new resume is simple but to the point, so recruiters can clearly see what I can offer in the first 15 seconds. Because of Linda’s strategies and techniques, I’ve landed a brand new job in a location and field I want. I thought I was stuck at a dead end job with no hope of advancement or ability to leave the company. Now, I feel like I have a future again. I am about to start my new job to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and my co-workers are very envious.”  

  - Jocelyn M. (Business Operations Manager)

"I was looking for a job for over 6 months since January 2017. I sent out hundreds of applications but nothing was working. I was feeling frustrated and felt bad for myself. In just two weeks after working with Linda, I was able to get 3 interviews with fewer applications. And out of those 3, I landed a job! Linda helped me write my resume in a way that I was getting interest from MORE employers with fewer job applications. The resume was still authentic to my experience, but it showed me in a more positive and attractive light. I highly recommend learning Linda's resume techniques and strategy."  

  - Toni Z. (Administrative Clerk)

“I had been looking for a new position for a while, applied to 10 positions and did not get a single callback from any HR professionals. I then approached Linda and she immediately helped me to revamp my resume in a way that highlighted my responsibilities and achievements in a more attractive way. Using this brand new resume, I proceeded to apply to 10 MORE positions and out of those, successfully landed 2 interviews and 1 job offer! I’ve happily accepted that job offer and can’t wait to start my new role. I highly recommend following Linda’s strategies and techniques to writing a truly winning resume…it helped me go from zero responses to a full-time job offer! Without Linda’s coaching and guidance, I know for sure I would STILL be looking for a job.”  

  - Katie L. (Finance Manager)