Hey there, Ambitious Professional!

Yay, you made it! I’m glad you’re interested in working with me!  

Before we book this call, I’d like you to read this page thoroughly, because by the end, you’ll know if working with me is a fit for you.  

Stand Out & Get Hired has helped numerous professionals land job offers in a much shorter period of time than when they were previously searching on their own.  

Just like them, you will:  

• Learn how to sell yourself effectively to hiring managers and become a highly attractive candidate. • Get a brand new resume (that I'll create with you) to gain positive attention from recruiters and employers. • Use my specific job search strategies to get yourself invited to more quality interviews. • Implement my unique interview approach to convince hiring managers that you’re the right fit for them, which will ultimately lead to your job offer.  

What I Expect From You:  

If you want successful results, I’ve found that the professionals who landed job offers not only quickly but with companies they love came into the program with a healthy sense of urgency and high level of motivation.  

In short, you’re committed to learning my unique approach and strategies and understand this is a time, energy and money investment in your own personal and professional development.  

So as long as you follow my guidance, ask smart questions and do your homework, the next 8 weeks will be a game changer for you and your career.  

This is NOT the right program for you IF:  

You think you already know how to write a resume/interview/job search on your own. (If you do, I don’t need to help you!) • You expect a guaranteed job offer at the end of the program. (Self-explanatory. I’m probably not the first person to tell you that there are no guarantees with anything in life. But I can promise you’ll see progress and improvement in your job search. And I can tell you that many of my clients HAVE successfully landed job offers by the end of the program, sometimes even partway through as a result of using just some of my strategies! Just sayin'.) • You expect that I’m going to do all the work for you. (I’m very involved, but I’m not an outsourced, offshore factory! There’s a lot that I’ll teach you, but you’ll have to really dig your hands and feet in and do your homework if you want to see real results.) • You don’t see the value in investing in your own career growth and personal development. (This is a premium level program, my services are highly specialized and customized. And I’m only looking to work with professionals who recognize the value of investing in themselves.)  

This IS the right program for you if you:  

Are tired of getting rejections and trying things out on your own. You are ready to follow my strategies and advice to get your next job offer! • You know you NEED professional advice. You know you don't have all the answers when it comes to selling yourself effectively and you know you need help. I got you! • Value yourself enough that you’re willing to make an investment in yourself. In life, you recognize there are times when you’ll get results faster if you invest in learning from an experienced professional. And for those who’ve worked with me, this has definitely been the outcome.  

Stand Out Get Hired is an 8-week program.

Next Steps:  

So if you agree with all the above and you’re ready to take your career to the next level with me…  

Please book a Skype session with me here in my calendar below and let's get started in finding a career with growth potential for you.

See you soon!  

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